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“How a journey of over 3,700 kilometers resulted in a dream job”​

An interview with one of our international employees Ricardo Rico. Ricardo (32) is one of our employees who moved to the Netherlands for his dream job. His journey to this dream job was a special adventure, read his experiences below.


Ricardo: “I was approached in May of this year by Vera Caeyers from Technix. Vera sent me a message asking if I was open for a job in the Netherlands. I was very surprised. I secretly dreamed of living and working abroad from an early age, so I decided to respond to the interview proposed by Vera. Many questions were asked during the online interviews. Vera really wanted to know everything about me, both personal and work related. She asked if I was interested in a job as a mechanical install engineer at a high-tech company in Eindhoven. I was immediately enthusiastic. After the interview everything went quick and very professional. An interview was planned in the Netherlands with one of the Technix’ clients.”

Vera: “We immediately started to book the flight for Ricardo. Ricardo lived in the most northwestern point of Spain in the town of Ferrol. It soon became clear that it was impossible to book a flight at a nearby airport, so we moved to Bilbao airport (journey of 518 kilometers). ”

After a long journey from Ferrol to Bilbao we received a phone call from Spain, Ricardo called: “All flights to the Netherlands have been cancelled, can you see what is going on?!”

It was already around 9 pm and the interview was scheduled for the following day. Soon clarity came: Strikes at the Dutch Railways, just on the days that Ricardo would come to the Netherlands. All incoming flights at Schiphol were cancelled. We called Ricardo again to ask what to do. After a short telephone conversation, two options remained: Returning from Bilbao to Ferrol without interview or get back in the car to the Netherlands for the interview.

Ricardo: “I realized that I wanted to do everything in my power to get this job. So I decided to get in my car and drive to the Netherlands so that I could conduct the interview. Fortunately I arrived on time! ”

Vera: “Ricardo drove through the night, covered a lot of miles and luckily had plenty of time for his interview. The conversation with our client was excellent and after a week we were able to bring him the great news: You have the job! ”

Ricardo: “After I signed my contract with Technix, a number of other matters had to be arranged with regard to integration into the Netherlands. Technix has fully guided me through every step I had to take. For example, they arranged a home for me and I was helped in applying for a social security number, activating a bank account and applying for health insurance.

“I have now been working in the Netherlands for (4) months. I’m having a good time and I can say that I have found my dream job. Living and working in the Netherlands is so well organized, I would recommend it to everyone! ”

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We are proud of this, of Ricardo and his efforts to find his dream job, but also of the fact that he is having such a good time in the Netherlands. We hope this dream job can result in a dream career Ricardo.

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